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Minnesota Justices Series

The Minnesota Justices Series is a collection of  articles, pictures, newspaper clippings, letters, commendations, judicial opinions, and essays by or about former justices of the Minnesota Supreme Court. These volumes were compiled and edited by staff at the Minnesota State Law Library. Since the practice began in 1981, you will not find a volume for every former justice. For information on justices not featured here, you may want to visit our Supreme Court Justices Biographies page or you may Ask a Librarian
No. 14: 2005 -- The Judicial Career of Esther M. Tomljanovich. Table of Contents - List of Opinions - Iijima, A. L. The Jurisprudence of Justice Esther Tomljanovich: Balancing the Scales of Justice. 32 William Mitchell Law Review 435 (2005); Anderson, Paul H. A Tribute to Justice Esther M. Tomljanovich. 32 William Mitchell Law Review 1737 (2005).
No. 15: 2009 -- The Judicial Career of Sam Hanson. Table of Contents - Summary of Opinions - Topical Summary of Opinions - List of Opinions - Ehrich, Jeffrey A. A Legacy of Scholarship: The Judicial Decisions of Justice Samuel L. Hanson. 34 William Mitchell Law Review 1249 (2008).
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