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Attorney General Opinions

Opinions from 1993 to present can be found on the Attorney General's web site.

In the Law Library, if the opinion you are seeking has a cite by page number, it will be found in the print volumes of the Biennial Report of the Attorney General to the Governor of the State of Minnesota, The Biennial Report, however, contains only selected opinions. If you have a classification number and date cite (e.g. Op. Atty. Gen., 629-a, May 9, 1975), consult the "Numerical Index to the Selected Opinions of the Minnesota Attorney General, 1933-1968" to see if it was published in the Biennial Report. After 1970, all A.G. Opinions are published in Minnesota Legal Register. All these publications can be found in the Minnesota Collection at KFM5840.5 .M5.

To find opinions by subject, the best place to start is often Minnesota Statutes Annotated. Notes about AG's opinions are included with the Notes of Decisions that follow a section of the statutes. Subject indexes are also available in each volume of the Biennial Report and yearly in the Minnesota Legal Register (KFM5840.5 .M5.)

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