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Older Court Rules

Past versions of the rules of court, as they appeared in the print version of Minnesota Statutes, are available here. Coverage starts with 1980.

If you are looking for court rules from the 1970s through 2011, you can also browse the court's Administrative Files archive. Look for the folder named for the type of court rule (Civil Procedure Rules, Civil Appellate Procedure) you are seeking.  

For rules amended or created 2012 to the present, access PMACS, the appellate court case management system. On the search page enter the type of rule in the "Case Title" field (ex. appellate). Change "Case Group" to "Administrative Files".

Current court rules can be searched on the Revisor of Statutes page or accessed on the the court's webpage. Current rules will have Advisory Committee Comments after the rule that provide additional information about previous amendments.

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