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History of the Minnesota Supreme Court by Russell O. Gunderson

Mr. Gunderson was Clerk of the Supreme Court from 1935-1938. This book was produced on or shortly after July 1, 1937 (see Section 20, p. 168). This version is based on a retyped and renumbered manuscript produced June, 1995 which included a newly created index. There was no index in the original book, nor were there chapter headings. Gunderson's history is primarily chronological. For the online version, descriptive headings are provided for the convenience of the researcher. Please note, however, that topics may be addressed in other sections, particularly those preceding or following. 

  1. Historical introduction, p.1-7
  2. Territorial court, part 1, p.8-16
  3. The Goodrich court, p.17-24
  4. Territorial court, part 2, p.25-34
  5. Fuller/Hayner court, p.35-41
  6. Welch court, p.42-48
  7. Justices Nelson & Flandrau & end of territorial court, p.49-56
  8. Statehood and Emmett court, p.57-64
  9. Early statehood decisions, p.65-73
  10. More early decision & the Wilson court, p.74-82
  11. Gilfillan, Ripley & McMillan courts, p.83-91
  12. Gilfillan court, p.92-100
  13. Start court, p.101-109
  14. Decisions of the Start court, p.110-119
  15. Brown court, p.120-129
  16. 1905 - 1909, p.130-138
  17. 1910 - 1914, Commissioners appointed, p.139-147
  18. 1915 - 1922, p.148-156
  19. Wilson & Devaney courts, p.157-165
  20. Gallagher court, p.166-174
  21. Capitol courtroom and court procedures, p.175-181
  22. Office of the clerk, part 1, p.182-188
  23. Office of the clerk, part 2, p.189-195
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