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Benefits and Resources

Homelessness and Prevention

Ending Veteran homelessness is our moral imperative, a duty to those who have served. The vast majority of Veterans return home in good health and good spirits. Minnesota identified 317 Veterans experiencing homelessness in the 2014 Point-in-Time count, and homelessness among Veterans has dropped by 47 percent in Minnesota from 2010 to 2014.

We cannot rest while brave men and women who served to protect our communities experience homelessness within them. Heading Home: Minnesota's Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness sets the goal of ending Veteran homelessness on a Veteran-by-Veteran basis by 2015. That means that we provide each Veteran and their family experiencing homelessness with appropriate, effective solutions.

Ending homelessness does not mean that a Veteran will never experience a housing crisis. Financial hardships and the unpredictability of life mean that Veterans may face housing crises or may experience homelessness. We are here to help Veterans and Minnesota's communities ensure a rapid response so that homelessness is prevented whenever possible, and if it cannot be prevented, is a brief, nonrecurring experience, with a rapid return to housing. Together, we can ensure that every Veteran in Minnesota has a place to call home.


The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs has partnered with the Minnesota Department of Human Services and the United States Social Security Administration to provide Minnesota’s homeless and at-risk Veterans with expanded access to Social Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Learn more at our SOAR page.

Minnesota Homeless Veteran Registry

To help Veterans experiencing homelessness access stable housing, MDVA created the Minnesota Homeless Veteran Registry. The Registry connects Veterans experiencing homelessness with housing and services in their community. It also helps programs serving Veterans to coordinate their efforts. Participation is voluntary for Veterans. Anyone can refer a Veteran to join. For more information and to access referral forms, please see the Minnesota Homeless Veteran Registry page

Keys for Heroes

Significant resources have been invested in Minnesota's efforts to end Veteran homelessness, and providers are working together to efficiently identify Veterans and their needs, but the critical link to housing through landlords and housing developers is what will get us over the finish line. Learn how you can help at our Keys for Heroes page.

Resources for Veterans

Resources to help Veterans end homelessness are listed on LinkVet and include the following programs:

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