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Little Falls Cemetery

MDVA is committed to providing dignified and compassionate burial options for Veterans, often one of the only benefits they request. MDVA currently operates three State Veterans Cemeteries in Little Falls, Preston and Duluth. A fourth location is planned for Redwood Falls.

Minnesota’s State Veterans Cemeteries complement those provided by the National Cemetery Administration. In addition to our State Veterans Cemeteries, services available to eligible Veterans and spouses include Military Funeral Honors, Grave Markers, Presidential Memorial Certificates, the Nationwide Gravesite Locator, and a list of State of Minnesota Memorials.

The Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery - Little Falls was opened in 1994 and is located seven miles north of Little Falls. The State Veterans Cemetery offers a final resting place for Minnesota Veterans and their families.

General Donations

General Donations can be made to the State Veterans Cemetery to be spent for the general needs of the specific location. All General Donations will both positively and directly impact either the appearance of facilities, grounds, or operations ensuring families have access to a warm, welcome environment and an aesthetically pleasing and peaceful surrounding for those that proudly served and their families.Donate to General Donations Fund

Equipment Donations

Operating and upkeep of the State Cemeteries to Shrine standards and ensuring the locations have a positive visual impact to both families and visitors requires our locations to explore equipment options that will allow us to meet that mission.  An Equipment Donation will go directly toward the purchase of mission essential equipment. Donate to the Equipment Donations Fund

Event Donations

The State Veterans Cemeteries hold several events annually.  Memorial Day, Wreath Placement and Group Tours are just a few examples of these events.  Event Specific Donations would go directly to such events to be utilized per the specific location.  Programs, brochures, musical acts, signage, sound equipment, event equipment rental, chairs, and more are just a few example of the items the location may utilize this type of donation for.Donate to the Event Donations Fund

Landscape Donations

Landscape Specific Donations can be made to the State Veterans Cemeteries to be utilized 100% for improvement, repair and replacement of all landscaped areas to include the welcome areas, Committal Shelter, burial sections, native areas and monument areas. Donate to the Landscape Donation fund

Memorial Donation

Memorial Donations are utilized exclusively towards the development, design and placement of planned Memorials on site.  Specific Memorial Donation request such as Memorial Benches should be directed to the Administration Team (320-616-2528) prior to donation to ensure both the need exists based on current space available, and to discuss specifics such as cost, design, etc.Donate to the Memorial Donation Fund

Photograph of  Little Falls  Cemetery
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