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MVH - Fergus Falls

Every day is Veterans Day at the Minnesota Veterans Homes. Our mission is to serve Minnesota Veterans and their families through quality healthcare in an environment and community of trust, dignity and sharing.

At the Minnesota Veterans Homes, we not only consider it our duty to provide the highest level of care to those who answered our nation's call, we believe it is an honor. Our vision is to continually develop and deliver a safe, dignified and compassionate healthcare system; and provide a nurturing and engaging home environment for Minnesota's heroes

Recognized as a leader in skilled nursing care delivery, the Minnesota Veterans Home - Fergus Falls provides Residents with specialized and individualized care through a team approach. The Home includes a “Veterans Village” that consists of two households of 10 and 11 Residents each, designed to offer medical services in a home-style atmosphere. This community approach and design creates a sense of place for dementia Residents by providing a familiar, home-like environment.

General Donations

General Donations made to the Minnesota Veterans Home - Fergus Falls will support a warm, friendly and aesthetically pleasing environment for our Residents. Donations will fund items such as televisions, flag replacements, shadow boxes, artwork and furniture, aviary maintenance, and electric shavers. General Donations will impact the appearance of facilities, grounds, or operations ensuring Residents and families can enjoy peaceful surroundings.Donate to the Fergus Falls General Donations Fund

Recreation and Special Events

The Minnesota Veterans Home - Fergus Falls offers robust and exciting programs for Residents.   Activities include community-based outings, fishing trips, hunting, choir, bingo, bowling, music/bands and various entertainment, sporting events, woodworking, crafts and more. Special events are held throughout the year, many in partnership with Veterans Service Organizations. Annual events help create a day-to-day homelike environment. Examples include patriotic programs, parades, specialty dinners, theme week celebrations, seasonal holiday parties and meals.

Donate to the Fergus Falls Recreational Activities Fund

Memorial Wall Monuments

The Minnesota Veterans Home - Fergus Falls has a special funding opportunity this year for the Memorial Wall monuments. Three additional granite monuments will be added to the beautiful Memorial Wall area. This memorial is a final tribute for all Veterans who have lived at the Minnesota Veterans Home - Fergus Falls. As a final demonstration of support and respect, all Residents have their name and branch of service engraved on these monuments. The current Memorial Wall is almost full so additional monuments are needed. "Remembering Those Who Have Served" is an important part of our mission.Donate to the Fergus Falls Memorial Wall Monument Fund

Patriots Park

The Minnesota Veterans Home - Fergus Falls has a special funding opportunity to support Patriots Park. Patriots Park will include a monument honoring all Veterans, two soldier statues, park benches and picnic tables for Residents and their families to use and enjoy. Funding is almost complete for this project; additional donations are needed for a dock and cement work. The park is located near a small pond, and the dock will be used by Residents and staff. Patriot’s Park will be a place of pride and honor for all Veterans to visit.Donate to the Fergus Falls Patriots Park Fund

Photograph of  MVH -   Fergus Falls
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