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Data and Statistics Reporting

Data and Statistics Reporting Page
*The following data is collected from the US Census Bureau 5-year data (2014-2018)
  • Geographic Boundary Data (TIGER/LINE)
  • State Veteran Population
  • State Veteran Employment

The 5-year data is used due to of limitations in the 3-year and 1-year data.

Please refer to the Census Bureau’s information on the American Community Survey and geography limitations via the link below.

**All Veteran Expenditure data is collected from the 2018 Geographic Distribution of VA Expenditures (GDX) Report

# Prior to FY 08, "Loan Guaranty" expenditures were included in the Education & Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (E&VRE) programs. Currently, all "Loan Guaranty" expenditures are attributed to Travis County, TX, where all Loan Guaranty payments are processed. VA will continue to improve data collection for future GDX reports to better distribute loan expenditures at the state, county and congressional district levels.

*** Unique patients are patients who received treatment at a VA health care facility. Data are provided by the Allocation Resource Center (ARC).

Expenditure data sources: for Compensation & Pension (C&P) and Education and Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (EVRE) Benefits; Veterans Benefits Administration Insurance Center for the Insurance costs; the VA Financial Management System (FMS) for Construction, Medical Research, General Operating Expenses, and certain C&P and Readjustment data; and the Allocation Resource Center (ARC) for Medical Care costs.

1. Expenditures are rounded to the nearest thousand dollars. For example, $500 to $1,000 are rounded to $1; $0 to $499 are rounded to $0; and "$ -" = 0 or no expenditures.
2. The Compensation & Pension expenditures include dollars for the following programs: veterans' compensation for service-connected disabilities; dependency and indemnity compensation for service-connected deaths; veterans' pension for nonservice-connected disabilities; and burial and other benefits to veterans and their survivors.
3. Medical Care expenditures include dollars for medical services, medical administration, facility maintenance, educational support, research support, and other overhead items. Medical Care expenditures do not include dollars for construction or other non-medical support.
4. Medical Care expenditures are based on where patients live instead of where care is delivered

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