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MVH - Luverne

Every day is Veterans Day at the Minnesota Veterans Homes. Our mission is to serve Minnesota Veterans and their families through quality healthcare in an environment and community of trust, dignity and sharing.

At the Minnesota Veterans Homes, we not only consider it our duty to provide the highest level of care to those who answered our nation's call, we believe it is an honor. Our vision is to continually develop and deliver a safe, dignified and compassionate healthcare system; and provide a nurturing and engaging home environment for Minnesota's heroes

Nestled in a friendly small town 30 miles from Sioux Falls, SD, the Minnesota Veterans Home - Luverne offers three distinct living spaces to meet each Resident's unique needs, including a special care unit for those with advanced dementia. We are committed to creating a community where life is truly worth living – with activities and interactions that Residents find meaningful and enjoyable. Our Residents are a vital part of the Luverne community. Dedicated volunteers provide special activities. School kids visit regularly in our popular Adopt a Grandparent Program. Our internal environment is enhanced through consistent staffing and a range of small group activities.

General Donations

General Donations made to the Minnesota Veterans Home - Luverne will support items such as television services, Resident needs, Resident furniture, Resident computers, aviaries and aquariums. General Donations will positively and directly impact the appearance of the facilities, grounds or daily operations ensuring that the Residents and their families have a warm and welcoming environment with aesthetically pleasing and peaceful surroundings that honor those who proudly served our nation and their families.
Donate to General Donations Fund

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities are an important part of the Minnesota Veterans Home - Luverne. We offer robust and exciting recreational activities such as bingo events, gardening, scenic drives, entertainment events and outings. The Homes also offers activities specifically for Residents with dementia, such as music and memory  activities and firefly activity. No matter the activity, all are design toward enhancing and enriching the lives of our Residents.Donate to the Recreational Activities Fund

Memorial Fund

The Residents of the Minnesota Veterans Home - Luverne are honored and remembered with memorial donations that fund special items in memory of a loved one. Items may include a memorial brick, memory box or flag case, flag replacement, or a specific piece of furniture. The Luverne Veterans Home is committed to using memorial donations with the utmost love and compassion toward the well-being of the Home while remembering a loved one.Donate to the Memorial Fund

Special Occasions Fund

The Veterans Home plans special occasions throughout the year, many in partnership with a Veterans Service Organization. These special occasions are an important part of the day-to-day homelike atmosphere that we strive to provide. We want Residents to participate in specific events that were a part of in their community in the past. Special occasions include various patriotic programs, specialty dinners, theme week celebrations, holiday parties and Resident birthday celebrations. These events help lift spirits and create smiles among our Residents.Donate to the Special Occasions Fund

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