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Special Funding Initiatives

As MDVA identifies new initiatives to support Veterans and their families, or new and/or unexpected needs arise (such as the COVID-19 pandemic relief), Special Funding will be a valuable resource. MDVA is committed to serving the changing needs of today’s Veterans and donor support will enhance these efforts.

General Donations

General donations to MDVA will be spent on special projects and initiatives to honor, memorialize and support our mission of serving Minnesota Veterans and their families. These could include but are not limited to supporting special events, commissioning/purchasing artwork, supporting pilot programs or supporting other campaign fundraising efforts.Donate to the Central General Donations Fund

Ending Veterans Homelessness

Donations will support our mission of ending and preventing Veteran Homelessness across the State of Minnesota. Donations may be used to provide Veterans with bus cards, fuel cards, gift cards for groceries, fund pilot programs, or other items deemed by the designated contributions committee as having a  positive impact on achieving our statewide goal of becoming the next state to end Veteran homelessness.Donate to the Ending Veterans Homelessness Fund

Photograph of  Special  Funding Initiatives
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