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Adult Day Center


Volunteers at each of our Homes contribute tremendously to the quality of life of our Veterans. Volunteers provide invaluable support by sharing their experience, time and compassion with our Residents. Family members, friends and community members play a key role in helping us serve those who served through generous donations of time and money. If you or someone you know would like to make a difference, please contact us at (612) 548-5993 to inquire about donations, or (612) 548-5751 for volunteer opportunities.

Adult Day Center Giving Guide

Family members, friends and community members play a key role in helping us serve those who served through generous donations of time and money. The following is a list of project funding needs and requested donation items. For questions or information on donating, please call (612) 548-5993.

Monetary Donations for the purpose of purchasing:

  • Quilts and Blankets
  • Themed dishware for special baking and cooking projects
  • Exercise weights
  • Misc. party supplies and entertainment costs

Will accept newly purchased items such as:

  • Karaoke CD's (country, oldies from the 30's thru 60's)
  • Books (coffee table style with interesting pictures)
  • DVD movies
  • Art supplies (paintbrushes, paints, ceramics, birdhouse kits)
  • Holiday decorations
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Scrapbooking supplies (stickers, markers, paper cutter)

Special Project Opportunities:

  • Please contact Public Affairs Director for details
  • Set of mixing bowls
  • Set of measuring spoons, for Client baking/cooking groups
  • Set of measuring cups
  • 2 - 9X13 cake pans
  • Cookie sheets
  • Sound bar for TV 
  • $2,000 to fund Operation Sight and Sound Project (Veterans work with a professional song writer to write songs and then go to various places to perform concerts)
  • Digital cameras for Operation sight and sound (sight part of project was our Veterans taking pictures that went with the theme of their song. Arranged pictures into a flag)
  • Portable boom box with cd and radio capability
  • DVD’s classics, westerns, documentaries and new releases
  • Holiday Decorations Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Valentines, Halloween and Christmas
  • Art supplies- paint brushes various sizes, paints, watercolor paper, sun-catchers, art kits, colored pencils. Modge podge, etc
  • Laminating Machine
  • 2- Dry Erase Boards 36” or 48” 
  • Trivia Books 
  • Coffee table/picture books themes: military, historical, sports
  • Triumph sports 2 in 1 3 hole bags and washers combo game
  • Kubb Viking Bowling Set
  • Gardening supplies, 100 ft hose, garden gloves, 2 -3 shepherds hooks, weeding tools 
  • Subscription for the Star Tribune Mon-Friday Delivery   $149.28 a year
  • TPT Passport –Subscription to PBS for Documentaries $60 a year
  • Funding for Paddleboat Sightseeing Trips $14 a person x 10 = $140 per trip
  • Tickets to the Sidekick Theater $25 per person for performance ot $42 a person for performance and lunch at the theater. We would take 8-10 people per outing.
  • Funding to hire a history player from the MN Historical Society to come in for a lecture $145-$200 per event.
  • Funding for O.W.L.S (Outwardly, Wiser, Livelier Senior) Programs & Lunch at Dodge Nature Center $12 per person = $120
  • Funding for Group Music Therapy Sessions $115 a session
  • Funding for Group Art Classes
    1. In House with Northern Clay $375 for one class
    2. Outing to Northern Clay to work on project $175
    3. Classes with COMPASS Artists $100 per session plus cost of supplies
    4. Art Classes with Creative Religious Leadership $1140 which includes 12 art classes, supplies, frames and art show
  • Special Project Opportunities – please call Sandy Larson for details.
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