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The Accessible Health Care Video Series is Back!

Has self-advocacy tips, info about your rights, and more

7/19/2019 8:58:53 AM

Icons of a hospital and interpreter

The Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, DeafBlind & Hard of Hearing (MNCDHH) is excited to announce that the Accessible Health Care Video Series is back! This video series was first created in 2012 after it was requested by Deaf Minnesotan, former MNCDHH board member, and community advocate, Cuong Nguyen.

In 2006, Cuong was in a terrible bicycle accident that resulted in a 41 day stay in Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC). Of the 41 days he was an inpatient, Cuong was only provided 11 hours of interpreting services.

After his experience, Nguyen worked with the Minnesota Disability Law Center to get a settlement agreement with HCMC to provide interpreters to patients and their family members. Cuong also asked MNCDHH to produce this health care advocacy video series for the community. 

Although there has been some improvement since Cuong’s accident in 2006, MNCDHH continues to hear about accessibility issues in health care from the deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing communities. As a result, MNCDHH has updated the video series in 2019 to make sure that the information is current to today's trends.

It is our hope that the videos will be a helpful resource for you with self-advocacy tips, your rights to effective communication, and how to request accommodations.  All videos are signed in American Sign Language (ASL), have closed captions, English voiceover, and a descriptive transcript.

Do you want to explore the videos and resources? You can visit the Accessible Health Care video series today!   

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