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KSTP Spring Flooding Coverage (3/16/2019 8 AM) Transcript

We're getting a better look this morning at just how serious the flooding threat is right now in Minnesota. On Friday, emergency management officials briefed Governor Tim Walz and Senator Amy Klobuchar on the state's flooding threat and the chief meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Minnesota showed them that a map and the areas highlighted in purple have the biggest flood potential right now but many areas all across the state could be in danger. This is about making sure that we're coordinated together DPS and Homeland Security will coordinate a response. They're working with state and local jurisdictions to ensure necessary equipment are already in place sandbag, sandbag machine pumps, and generators and that personnel are in place. The Weather Service estimates the first significant flooding is still probably about a week away now south of the Metro. Right now in Jordan, many people are still out of their homes because of flooding at a Valley Green Mobile Home Park. Ice jams on Sand Creek here caused some flooding. It's several feet deep in places and emergency crews tell us the jams location really made it hard to break up and that's why the American Red Cross now says it plans to staff its emergency shelter here through the day today and in the meantime people at the Home Park say they are staying optimistic this is just a material damage. People are still ok, safe that's the most important part. Got to keep looking up right as of this morning officials have not said exactly when that water might be receding. You can track everything related to spring flooding including photos road closures and other announcements on our website Just click on the spring flooding section

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