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Professionals for DHH Families: Introduction Transcript

[Title slide appears with the following text: “For Professionals Working with Families with DHH Children: Building a Foundation of Language Introduction (State of Minnesota logo) Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, DeafBlind & Hard of Hearing”]

[Leala Holcomb appears and begins to sign.]

>> Leala: Hello, to you, professionals working with deaf and hard of hearing children. You have an important role. You are responsible to teach families how to encourage language literacy at home. There are two parts to this webinar series. The first group of videos are for families. The second group of videos, this group, are for professionals. 

[Text briefly appears next to Leala: 

“Family video series:

● Introduction

● Play time

● Snack time

● Reading time

● Mindfulness

● Fostering a positive sense of self

● Conclusion”.]

>> Leala (continued): I suggest that you first watch the videos for families. This will help you understand what you watch while working with families. These videos also have good resources including website links that you should know about and can share with families. Then you will be ready to watch the videos for professionals. These videos will teach you different strategies you can encourage families to use at home. So again, first you should watch the videos for families and then watch these videos for professionals. If you have not yet watched the family videos, please pause this video. When you are finished with the family videos, then you can come back to this video.

[Text briefly appears next to Leala:

“Language & literacy strategies:

● Concepts of print

● Get/maintain attention

● Open-ended questions

● Expand on language

● Chaining

● ASL rhyme & rhythm”.]

>> Leala (continued): We will discuss six different language literacy strategies. We’ll show you examples of each strategy from the family videos. We will show you how you can engage with the families using these examples and strategies.  

[End credits: 

“Created by 

Debbie Golos, PhD 

Associate Professor & Coordinator of the Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Program 

University of Minnesota

Leala Holcomb, PhD 

Early Childhood Education Specialist

Brynn Roemen, MEd 

Instructor in the Department of Educational Psychology 

University of Minnesota

Damon Timm

Video Production


Leala Holcomb


[End credits:

(State of Minnesota logo)

“This webinar series was supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as part of an award totaling $360,725 with zero percentage financed with non-governmental sources. The content are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official views of, nor an endorsement, by HRSA, HHS, or the U.S. Government. For more information, please visit

“Produced by the Minnesota Department of Health, and the Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, DeafBlind & Hard of Hearing.”]

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