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Keith Doane

Director of Business Operations

Keith was born and raised most of his young years at Blaine/Faribault Minnesota. He attended Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf at Faribault from kindergarten to sophomore year in high school and graduated at California School for the Deaf in Fremont.  In 2014, Keith obtained a bachelor's degree in Government with a concentration in International Relations at Gallaudet University. He also completed most of the graduate courses related to the Master of Public Administration.

During his education and professional years at Gallaudet University, Keith became an active community leader who contributed his time to the DeafSpace design guidelines (volume 1), served in campus planning and renovation committees, and taught the Deaf Studies’ DeafSpace and entrepreneurship courses. When Keith co-owned and operated a consulting firm with two Gallaudet alumni in 2018, he helped a service restaurant to improve Deaf and Hard of Hearing customers' experience in their restaurants including the dining-in and drive-through. 

In the past four years, Keith worked with the Genius Bar team at Apple, Inc at the Georgetown store in Washington, DC. He had a six-month experience with the Apple Business team, which he became one of Apple’s first two Deaf employees in the entire Apple’s business teams around the world.

Keith has a passion for the outdoors and sustainability. In the summers from 2009 to 2012, he joined AmeriCorps and served with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota & Iowa, a non-profit organization that preserves and improves the state and national parks across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Dakota. He is also an avid hiker, cyclist, and two-time Winter Deaflympics Alpine skier (2003 Sundsvall Sweden and 2007 Salt Lake, Utah).

Keith is wearing a business suit. He is standing inside the Capitol with the Rotunda in the background.
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