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The Minnesota Collaborative Plan was developed by a diverse group of stakeholders. Each stakeholder is a chosen representative from an organization that is involved with the Collaborative Plan. The stakeholders are authorized to make decisions on behalf of their organization. A complete list of organizations involved with the Collaborative Plan is available. Each stakeholder is assigned to a work group dedicated to a specific age range.

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  • Birth - Age 5 work group

    • Kathy Anderson
    • Nicole Brown
    • Laura Godfrey
    • Debbie Golos
    • Danelle Gournaris
    • Michelle Isham
    • Rebecca Jackson
    • Susan Lane-Outlaw
    • Erin Loavenbruck
    • Melinda Marsolek
    • Gloria Nathanson
    • Chelsea Paulson
    • Lyndsey Raffelson
    • Deanna Rothbauer
    • Kara Tempel
    • Terry Wilding

    View the current goals and indicators for the Birth - Age 5 work group.

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  • Kindergarten - Grade 4 work group

    • Brenda Ackerson
    • Joan Breslin-Larson
    • Adan Burke
    • Janet Caven
    • Anne Grace Donnatucci
    • Laura Libby
    • Susan Meredith
    • Susan Rose
    • Valerie Shirley
    • Melissa Sweetmilk
    • Kathy Zerby

    View the current goals and indicators of the Kindergarten - Grade 4 work group.

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  • Grades 5-8 work group

    • Katie Barth
    • Sunny Brysch
    • Bart Clement
    • Diane Dohnalik
    • Mandy Fredrickson
    • Brenda Hommerding
    • Cathy Lyle
    • Emily Manson
    • Ann Mayes
    • Jody Olson
    • Mary Rutherford
    • Jody Waldo 

    View the current goals and indicators of the Grades 5-8 work group.

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  • Secondary/Transition work group

    • Mary Cashman-Bakken
    • Deanne Curran
    • Pearl Devenow
    • Jay Fehrman
    • Shane Gunderson
    • Katie Huttmeier
    • Katy Kelley
    • Elise Knopf
    • Candace Lindow-Davies
    • Kendra Rask
    • Kristin Ryan
    • Marci Shutt
    • Tina Sunda

    View the current goals and indicators of the Secondary/Transition work group.

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  • Steering Committee

    The leadership of the Collaborative Plan is called the Steering Committee. This group is coordinated by Anna Paulson, MNCDHH's Coordinator of Educational Advancements & Partnership. The members of the Steering Committee are:

    • Joan Breslin-Larson, Low-Incident Supervisor, Minnesota Department of Education
    • Nicole Brown, EHDI Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Health
    • Adan Burke, President, Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens (MADC)
    • Debbie Golos, Coordinator of Special Education, University of Minnesota
    • Candace Lindow-Davies, Director, Minnesota Hands & Voices
    • Mary Hartnett, Executive Director, Commission of Deaf, DeafBlind & Hard of Hearing Minnesotans (MNCDHH)
    • Elise Knopf, State Coordinator for Deaf Services, Minnesota Employment and Economic Development, Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    • Katy Kelley, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, State Services for the Blind (SSB)
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