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Peggy Nelson

At-Large Member

Peggy Nelson, Ph.D. is a professor of audiology in the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences at the University of Minnesota, where she has taught and conducted NIH-funded research since 2000.  Her research focuses on hearing loss and the problems of understanding speech in noise by a variety of populations, including children in schools, second-language learners, hearing aid users, and cochlear implant listeners. She is currently the founding director of the University of Minnesota’s new Center for Applied and Translational Sensory Science (CATSS). There she oversees interdisciplinary research in vision, hearing, balance, and tinnitus.   As Center director, Professor Nelson and colleagues have engaged the community in a discussion of sensory loss and sensory aids. Dr. Nelson served on the EHDI Advisory Board for 10 years and served on the US Access Board committee that developed acoustic guidelines for schools. Over the years, she has testified for the Commission on many different pieces of legislation. Fun fact: she used to be a certified sign language interpreter.

"I serve on the board because I believe engaging with the community is essential for understanding sensory loss and its effects. I am eager to share information about cross-disciplinary research related to the development of devices and strategies key to approaching sensory loss, and plan to especially focus on age-related hearing loss." ~ Dr. Peggy Nelson

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