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KMSP Spring Flooding Coverage (3/15/2019 10 PM) Transcript

Heavy snow, saturated ground, and spring rains are quickly creating dangerous flood zones around the state. Now, officials are working to prevent even more significant damage in the coming weeks. Governor Tim Walz and Senator Amy Klobuchar are meeting with the state disaster preparedness team today. Learning that flood risk in Southern Minnesota and the Red River Valley really depends on the temperatures in the coming weeks. 

But one thing I can tell you, even if we get no rain and we have the perfect melt, river levels are going to be high. The soils been very wet for a very long time, and we won’t be out of the woods for quite a while. We have the potential for significant flooding all the way into May, easily, and perhaps the summer. 

Earlier this week, Klobuchar and Senator Tina Smith urged the US Department of Agriculture to continue public outreach to farmers following last month’s blizzards.

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