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Kim Wassenaar

Outreach & Civic Engagement Specialist

Kim Wassenaar is originally from Dayton, OH. She graduated from the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) in 1978. She then moved to St. Paul, MN. Kim was born hearing and then later became hard of hearing. Two days after relocating to Minnesota, she became completely deaf. Kim is the founder of St. Paul/Minneapolis Black Deaf Advocates (BDA), Chapter #25 (1997) and serves as the current president. In the past, she has also served on the board as a Member-at-Large with the Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens (MADC). In her spare time, she loves camping with her husband and friends, dancing, reading, and making people laugh.

"I enjoy reaching out to the deaf/deafblind communities and seeing their eyes shine when they learn about their rights as voters and citizens. It is my passion to make sure they are included, on the Rise, and feeling good about themselves." ~ Kim Wassenaar

Kim is wearing a yellow, orange, brown and green patterned scarf and a green shirt. She is smiling. Behind her is a tree and the State Office Building.
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