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Accessible Health Care Video Series

This video series was inspired by former Commission board member Cuong Nguyen and his wife Lisa Holbrook. In 2006, Cuong and Lisa were denied the interpreting services they needed and had the right to while Cuong was a patient in the Intensive Care Unit at Hennepin County Medical Center. They contacted the Minnesota Disability Law Center who worked with them to get a settlement agreement with HCMC to provide interpreters to patients and their family members.  

Cuong and Lisa wanted the community to learn from their experience and asked the Commission to produce this health care advocacy video series.  In 2013, Cuong, Lisa, and the Commission nominated Rick MacPherson for Minnesota Lawyer’s  Attorney of the Year to show gratitude for the work he did on their case and other members of the Deaf community. 

Originally released in 2012, MNCDHH updated this video series in 2019 because we continue to hear from the community about the barriers that happen in health care settings. 

All videos include American Sign Language (ASL), English voiceover, closed captions, and descriptive transcripts.

Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their help with this project.

  • Cuong Nguyen and Lisa Holbrook, for sharing their story
  • Rania Johnson, Heather Gilbert, and Rick MacPherson, onscreen talent
  • ZenMation, including Peter Zenner and Margaret Endres
  • Patty Gordon, voice interpreter
  • Minnesota Disability Law Center
  • Teika Pakalns, project manager
Accessible Health Care: 1. Introduction
Accessible Health Care: 2. Story of an Advocate and Patient
Accessible Health Care: 3. Assumptions that Providers Might Make
Accessible Health Care: 4. What You Can Do in Advance
Accessible Health Care: 5. Emergencies
Accessible Health Care: 6. What Are Your Rights
Accessible Health Care: 7. What to Do if You Don't Get Assistance
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