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Darlene Zangara

Executive Director

Darlene Zangara, Ph.D., LPC believes in servant leadership. A person of great empathy and foresight, Darlene started out as a teacher of deaf and hard of hearing students in a self-contained classroom. Next, Darlene became a clinical therapist, providing mental health, vocational, and educational assessments and counseling services. She was also an adjunct instructor for psychology, and later, interpreting and transliterating training courses.

Feeling a gravitational pull towards stewardship, Darlene moved on to key leadership roles. To date, she has served as a director or executive director for several organizations including, 

  • "Me Too!" A Substance Abuse Prevention Project for Deaf Youth, funded by the Ohio Department of Drug and Alcohol Services
  • "We Too!" A Resiliency Enhancement Project for Deaf Youth with Special Needs, funded by the Ohio Department of Drugs and Alcohol Services
  • DeafLink - The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Family Network Center, funded by the Ohio Department of Drugs and Alcohol Services
  • Ohio Resource Center on Deafness
  • CSD of Ohio, Division Director
  • Centers of Excellence, CSD Headquarters
  • Olmstead Implementation Office, State of Minnesota

Darlene has a Bachelor of Sciences in Deaf Education from Bowling Green State University, a Master of Arts in Counseling with the Deaf from Gallaudet University, and a Doctor of Philosophy, Leadership and Change from Antioch University. 

Working collaboratively is important to Darlene. She works side-by-side with her team members because she believes more is accomplished when people work together, sharing the same vision and desired outcomes. 

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