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Krista Dillman

At-Large Member

Krista M. Dillman has been interpreting for over 25 years. She has a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and is a candidate for her doctorate degree in Higher Education Administration. Her dissertation research is on the importance of social integration of D/deaf and hard-of-hearing students in higher education and students’ decision to persist to graduation. Her interpreting credentials include the NAD IV, CI and CT, SC:L, SLPI:ASL-Superior, NIC-Master, and Oral Transliterating Certificate.

Krista is also married into a family with both culturally Deaf and culturally deaf members and mother to D/deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing children. The importance of meeting the needs of individuals with varying levels of hearing and differing communication modes is a common consideration in her everyday life and she looks forward to the challenge of working as a board member.

“I wanted to serve on the board to advocate for service provision and equal access for deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing people across Minnesota, whether they choose to use sign language or not. Having worked with Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals for over 25 years and living with a family with D/deaf and hard of hearing members using a variety of assistive technologies and communication modes, no one mode can be preferred over another. Each individual has the right to communicate and access their environment in a way they choose.” ~ Krista Dillman

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