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VCSL Training at the Collaborative Experience Conference

VCSL = Visual Communication and Sign Language Checklist for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

10/13/2017 10:00:00 AM

There are three sections to this header. The far section shows a stack of brightly colored workbooks and a row of brightly colored pencils. The top section has the State of Minnesota 'M' with the word,

What is VCSL? It is a standardized comprehensive checklist used to assist in tracking young children's sign language development from birth to age 5. This checklist is authored by 

  • Laurene Simms, Ph.D., Gallaudet University, 
  • Sharon Baker, Ed.D., The University of Tulsa, and 
  • M. Diane Clark, Ph.D., Gallaudet University. 

We are extremely lucky that Dr. Laurene Simms is attending the 2017 Collaborative Experience conference as both a keynote speaker and to present on VCSL. If you are registered to attend the conference and want to watch her VCSL presentation, there are two ways to do it (one of which is already full).

Training Seat - FULL

The training seats are reserved for participants who have an Intermediate Plus or Above SLPI rating and are committed to staying until 5:00 p.m. at Breezy Point on Saturday, November 4th. There are only 30 training seats in order to ensure that the workshop is effective. The seats were given to participants who:

  • are on a Regional EHDI team
  • are a Deaf Mentor
  • are representing their school or district as a teacher of students who use ASL and are at the preschool language level
  • are pulled into the training from the Gallery Seat waiting list

Gallery Seat - no limit on the number of seats

The gallery is meant for registered conference participants who have an interest in learning about the assessment tool but

  • are not currently serving students with a preschool language development level
  • are not able to stay at Breezy Point until 5:00 pm on Saturday
  • are not at or above the Intermediate Plus SLPI rating
  • are on a wait list for attending the full day training

Other Saturday events

If neither seats are a fit for you, don't worry! We have several other fantastic sessions occurring on Saturday, November 4th, from 8:30 - 11:30 am. They are:

  • A conference debriefing breakfast hosted by Minnesota Hands & Voices - for parents only
  • ASL level 2 and 3 classes with Jonathan Penny, David Reinhart, and Brad Hardin from the University of Minnesota
  • Educational Interpreting Concepts: Math & Science workshop by Jimmy Beldon, CDI
  • Supporting Emerging Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners in an E-12 System by Martina Wagner and Jacob Law from Metro ECSU

Not yet registered for the Collaborative Experience?

  • Are you planning to register but have not done it yet? You might want to register today because space continues to fill up fast. Go to the conference registration site 
  • Word to the wise, there are still 10 scholarships left for parents. Learn more about scholarship opportunities 


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