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Respect for Identities

MNCDHH (including our board, staff, and contractors) and the individuals we work with (the general public) all have their unique identities. They may self-identify as deaf, deafblind, hard of hearing, a person with hearing loss, DeafPlus, hearing differences, DeafDisabled, etc. MNCDHH uses “deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing,” in an all-inclusive manner. The phrase is included in our organization's name, tagline, and mission statement.

MNCDHH's acronym is as short as possible to help people remember. 'MN' is for Minnesota (two other state commissions have 'M' so adding the 'N' makes us distinctive and reduces confusion). 'CDHH' is traditionally used by commissions across the country. This is only an acronym and does not replace the Commission's full name. 

We believe that everyone has a place at this table. We believe different identities can come together and collaboratively work on systemic improvements. Together, we can improve our quality of life. 

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