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Interpreting Forward Summit Update: February 2024

With Dr. Darlene Zangara and Diego Ozuna-Clark

2/29/2024 4:54:53 PM

If you are DeafBlind or prefer to watch the video in a high contrast format, watch the DeafBlind friendlier ASL version instead. To adjust the video speed, use YouTube's playback speed tool.

ASL version

Descriptive transcript

[The video opens with a white background and the Commission logo.]

[New slide: “Interpreting Forward 2030 Summit Community Update February 2024.”]

[Darlene Zangara and Diego Ozuna-Clark stand in front of a black background. Darlene is a white female with blonde hair and glasses. Diego is a light skinned Chicane transmasculine person with short, cropped hair. Diego begins signing.]

>> Diego: Interpreting Forward 2030 Summit Community Update. I am Diego.

[Diego turns to Darlene. She signs.]

>> Darlene: and I am Darlene.

>> Diego: We are so excited to give you an update on the Interpreting Forward 2030 Project after a wonderful summit this weekend.

[Darlene agrees.]

>> Diego: This project is focused on increasing the quality and availability of interpreting services across Minnesota.

[Diego glances at Darlene. They both nod. Brief pause.]

>> Diego: Thursday night was a wonderful community gathering with more than 60 people in attendance.

[Diego and Darlene exchange glances.]

>> Darlene: Yes.

>> Diego: We explored the system obstacles that we face in solving this problem and recognize that we still have a lot of work ahead.

[Darlene and Diego look at each other.]

>> Diego: We will soon share more details about the results of our conversations.

[Darlene nods.]

>> Diego: On Friday and Saturday, approximately 50 people gathered and reviewed the work from the following working groups: Community Engagement, Interpreter Pathways, Data Analysis, National Research.

[Darlene agrees.]

>> Diego: We also developed some criteria to help us sort and prioritize solutions.

[Darlene looks at Diego and nods.]

>> Diego: Next, we looked at the full preliminary set of solutions that were a result of conversations and surveys with people across the state since the start of this project.

[Darlene nods. Diego invites Darlene to share more information.]

>> Darlene: That's right.

[Brief pause.]

>> Darlene: Our community has some amazing ideas.

>> Diego: Yes.

>> Darlene: In the next couple of months, we will be evaluating the solutions and beginning to figure out which strategy we can implement.

[Diego agrees.]

>> Darlene: We are also excited to begin publishing the results of our work soon.

[Diego nods.]

>> Darlene: The Commission is happy to have brought together people in this project

[Diego looks at Darlene and nods.]

>> Darlene: and we know that we cannot continue this work alone. Some of these ideas the Commission will advance. More likely, many of these ideas will have to be addressed within partnerships and collaborations.

>> Diego: Yes in collaboration.

>> Darlene: There's a lot of work still to do.

>> Diego: Yes, a lot.

[Darlene and Diego look at each other and they both nod. Diego smiles.]

>> Darlene: I want to say a big thank you to everyone across the state who have given their time and expertise to this work.

[Diego agrees.]

>> Darlene: Stay tuned, more to come.

[Darlene smiles. Diego nods and smiles.]

>> Diego: Yes. Thank you.

>> Darlene: Thank you.           

[New screen appears with a white background and blue text. “The Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, DeafBlind & Hard of Hearing thanks: featuring Dr. Darlene G. Zangara, Executive Director and Diego Ozuna-Clark, Dendros Group, Interpreting Forward 2030. Computer generated voiceover. Dendros Group Film Production.” Dendros’ logo is beside the text.]

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