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Today is the Last Day to Join the 'Interpreting Forward 2030' Task Force

There are additional ways to participate in the process

4/24/2023 1:03:12 PM

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Interpreting Forward 2030 is an important initiative, led by stakeholders, supported by the Commission, and facilitated by the Dendros Group. It's mission? To address a big obstacle - almost half of all working interpreters imagine leaving the field or retiring in the next five years. Additionally, fewer new interpreters are joining the field.

We need to increase the quality and availability of professional interpreting services for our diverse and large community in Minnesota.

There is a seat at the table for anyone who wishes to be involved with the process. For example, you can apply to join a work group or be interviewed about your experience and expertise.

Today, April 24, 2023 is the last day to sign up to be part of the task force. If you decide not to sign up for the task force, you can still contribute in other ways. We will share more information about additional opportunities in a future announcement. 

Visit the website and learn more about how to get involved!

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