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Contractor Wanted for Hard of Hearing Project

Responder will develop and implement outreach & engagement resources

11/15/2021 6:40:51 PM

The Minnesota Department of Human Services, through its Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing (“STATE”), seeks proposals from qualified responders to provide outreach development, capacity building resources and prepare civic engagement support to work in partnership with STATE, representatives, and community organizations. For the complete Solicitation please see the contact information below.

The Commission advocates for communication access, employment access, education access and quality, and rights of people who are Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing with a variety of stakeholders, including: State Legislators and legislative staff, Governor’s Office, Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota Department of Administration, Minnesota Department of Commerce, Minnesota Department of Health, and other partners.

The responder will develop and implement outreach and engagement resources designed to include hard of hearing, individuals with age-related hearing loss, and their families in civic engagement activities; including but not limited to voters outreach, meet your legislators, and collecting input on MNCDHH Legislative Agenda. The responder will also work closely with Hearing Loss Association of America – Twin Cities to build capacity within their organization. This will include a strategic plan; communication and outreach strategy; and sustainability plan.

Work will be collaborated with Community & Civic Engagement Director and HLAA-Twin Cities Board. The responder will be asked to attend or host community events, across Minnesota, and/or sites assigned by Community & Civic Engagement Director. Meetings may also be hosted at the Golden Rule Building at 85 E. 7th Place, Suite 105, Saint Paul, MN 55101, but may require travel to other locations within the state. There will also be remote work, including over Zoom and other video conferencing programs, as well as using social media to engage with the communities the Commission serves.

MNCDHH is looking for responders who reflect the racial, indigenous, ethnic, gender and cultural diversity of Minnesota. We strongly encourage individuals with hearing loss and who may use different kinds of communication modalities to apply for this RFP.

Please see contact information below to request the complete solicitation.

Minimum Qualifications Required

  1. Experience and knowledge of the Hard of Hearing community, or individuals with Hearing Loss and the challenges to communication access experienced by Hard of Hearing or individuals with Hearing Loss.
  2. Professional communication skills via email, in-person/virtual conversation, and phone/videophone.
  3. Ability to quickly master a lot of complex information.
  4. Understanding of organization development and capacity building.
  5. Persuasive communication skills and an understanding of how groups with hearing loss advocate for their needs.
  6. Flexibility and ability to work in a fast-paced environment with continually competing priorities.
  7. Comfortable with presenting in front of an audience.
  8. Collaborative spirit that thrives in working with teams.
  9. Experience with social media platforms.

About the RFP

Estimated Cost: $25,001 - $50,000

Contracting Agency: Department of Human Services /Commission of the Deaf, Deafblind, Hard of Hearing

Location of Work: Minnesota statewide

Response to this solicitation is due no later than 11/22/21 at 12:00 PM CENTRAL TIME.

Request copy of RFP

Please contact Katy Kelley-Rademacher at 612.999.2592 or For TTYs, please use 711 or 1.800.627.3529 (MN Relay Service for persons with speech or hearing disabilities)

Visit: Professional/Technical Service Contracting Opportunities. (Reference number: PT3638)

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