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Contractor Wanted for Citizen Advocate Campaign

Communications Outreach: Citizen Advocate video campaign series

10/13/2021 1:17:59 PM

MNCDHH seeks responders to conduct the upcoming Citizen Advocate video campaign series, which is designed to highlight stories of Minnesotans who are deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing, who are advocating for change. All videos will include tips on how to advocate effectively.

  • 5-10 videos, scattered release throughout the year
  • Interviewees from all walks of life
  • Very specific advocacy story
  • Includes tips from interviewees on effective advocacy
  • All videos must have ASL, English, captions, descriptive transcripts and voiceover
  • Will work in conjunction with MNCDHH's Communication Director and with our existing video vendor.

MNCDHH is looking for representatives who reflect the racial, indigenous, ethnic, gender and cultural diversity of Minnesota. Individuals who are deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing who use different kinds of communication modalities are welcome to apply for this RFP.

Please see contact information below to request the complete solicitation.

Minimum Qualifications Required

Experience and knowledge of the Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard of hearing communities of Minnesota and the challenges to communication access experienced by Deaf, DeafBlind and hard of hearing people.

Professional communication skills via email, in-person/virtual conversation, and (video)phone.

The ability to tell a story.

Knowledge on how to create descriptive transcripts and caption files.

About the RFP

Estimated Cost: $25,001 - $50,000

Contracting Agency: Department of Human Services

Location of Work: Anywhere in the state of Minnesota

Response to this solicitation is due no later than 10/26/21 at 12:00 PM CENTRAL TIME.

Request copy of RFP

Please contact Katy Kelley-Rademacher at 612.999.2592 or For TTYs, please use 711 or 1.800.627.3529 (MN Relay Service for persons with speech or hearing disabilities)

Visit: Professional/Technical Service Contracting Opportunities. (Reference number: PT3620)

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