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DeafBlind Needs Assessment: Searching for Parents, Caregivers, and Young Adults

Please share with anyone who may qualify and may be interested in participating

4/14/2021 8:21:29 AM

Silhouettes of seven individuals standing next to each other. MNCDHH's logo is placed in the bottom, left corner.

No one knows the needs of people with combined vision and hearing and loss like you do

The Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing (MNCDHH) has commissioned Wilder Research to conduct a first-ever DeafBlind Children and Youth Needs Assessment to identify what is and isn’t working for our DeafBlind children and youth, their families, and service providers in Minnesota.

We need you

  • Youth and young adults (ages 16-30) who have any degree of combined hearing and vision loss and live in Minnesota
  • Parents and caregivers with children, teens, and young adults (ages birth-30) who have any degree of combined hearing and vision loss and live in Minnesota

How can you help?

Wilder Research is conducting 1-hour phone interviews in March-April 2021. You can pick a time that works best for your schedule.

If you need an ASL interpreter, intervener or real-time captions, Wilder Research will provide what you need. When you finish the interview, you will receive a $30 gift card.

Contact Bunchung Ly: or 651-280-2673.

Why participate?

You matter. You are not invisible. MNCDHH understands this. The MNCDHH board has the most DeafBlind people serving on it of any state. This means they have experiences that are like yours and they have asked us to join them creating positive change.

Wilder Research will make sure that the information is kept private and anonymous. They will analyze the information they get through interviews and then share the results back to you, if you participate. Then the MNCDHH Collaborative Plan DeafBlind Work Group will create a plan to find solutions to identified needs and keep and increase the services that are working.

Thank you for joining me.

Ensure that your perspective and experiences are considered. Together we can make Minnesota a place where people living with combined vision and hearing loss increasingly do well and thrive.

Materials in Hmong, Somali, and Spanish

  1. /deaf-commission/assets/21-030002-Hmn-MNCDHH_DeafBlindParentRecruitmentFlyer_Caregivers_02-21-HMONG_tcm1063-476400.docxDeafBlind Parent Recruitment Flyer - Hmong (word)
  2. /deaf-commission/assets/21-030002-Som-MNCDHH_DeafBlindParentRecruitmentFlyer_Caregivers_02-21-SOMALI_tcm1063-476401.docxDeafBlind Parent Recruitment Flyer - Somali (word)
  3. /deaf-commission/assets/21-030002-Spa-Final-MNCDHH_DeafBlindParentRecruitmentFlyer_Caregivers_02-21_tcm1063-476402.docxDeafBlind Parent Recruitment Flyer - Spanish (word)
  4. /deaf-commission/assets/21-030002-Hmn-DeafBlind%20needs%20assessment_parental%20consent%20handout_Hmong_tcm1063-476403.docxParental Consent Handout - Hmong (word)
  5. /deaf-commission/assets/21-030002-Som-DeafBlind%20needs%20assessment_parental%20consent%20handout_SOMALI._tcm1063-476404.docxParental Consent Handout - Somali (word)
  6. /deaf-commission/assets/21-030002-Spa-Final-DeafBlind%20needs%20assessment_parental%20consent%20handout_Spanish_tcm1063-476405.docxParental Consent Handout - Spanish (word)



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