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How to Report Captioning Issues to the Legislative Coordinating Commission (LCC)

Created in partnership with the LCC

3/15/2021 8:40:32 AM

ASL version

If you are DeafBlind or prefer to watch the video in a slow-paced, high contrast format, watch the DeafBlind friendlier ASL version instead.

English version

This message was created in partnership with the Legislative Coordinating Commission (LCC).

In 2009, MNCDHH and community advocates successfully advocated for funds to be allotted to the LCC to provide real-time captions of live floor sessions and committee hearings. Thanks to this program, anyone who relies on captions for communication access can enjoy the same level of access as constituents who do not use captions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted captioning services as well. With the increase of online meetings and events, there is also an increased demand for CART services.

LCC has a limited budget and resources for captioning and cannot support the cost of having live captioners for all meetings. Therefore they also use automated tools when a live captioner is not available. And in some cases, captions may not be available for live webcast but will be added for the archive of the webcast.

The automated tools use machine learning, which means if mistakes in the captions are corrected, the technology uses the corrections to improve their accuracy. LCC staff have been working with the vendor to improve the recognition of spoken words. However, this year is especially challenging with participants using less than optimal microphones and computer equipment and at times having internet connection issues for participation in remote legislative committee meetings.

If you have concerns about the Legislature’s webcast caption content, please share your comments on the Minnesota Legislature Accessibility & Usability Comment Form.  

Please note that this form is not for accommodation requests such as ASL services. For more information about those services including how to submit requests, go to the LCC's Disability Access page


The Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, DeafBlind & Hard of Hearing thanks:

The LCC for their partnership and support.

Diego Guerra for ASL talent.

Patty McCutcheon for voiceover.

Keystone Interpreting Solutions for film production.



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