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Transition Roadmaps Available for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Roadmaps for transitioning to post-secondary and to work

1/21/2021 5:11:39 PM

ASL version

If you are DeafBlind or prefer to watch the video in a slow-paced, high contrast format, watch the DeafBlind friendlier ASL version instead.

English version

Transitioning from high school to adult life? You might need a map for that! If you are a student age 14 or older, now is a great time to prepare for your life after high school.

The Collaborative Plan is a network of agencies, schools, and organizations that work together to improve education and employment outcomes for students who are deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing.

They developed two roadmaps you can use to explore future jobs, learn independence, and learn how to advocate for yourself.

Your family might also need to learn how to shift their role in parenting and support you in making your choices during this transition to adulthood. 

The “Transition Roadmap to Post-Secondary Settings (PDF)” and the “Transition Roadmap to Work (PDF)” can help guide you, your family, and your teachers through the journey ahead.

Find the roadmaps on MNCDHH's Transition Roadmaps page

The Collaborative Plan DeafBlind team will create roadmaps for students who are deafblind soon. Watch for that.

A special thank you to the Transition Roadmap development team

  • Candace Lindow-Davies
  • Luke Davies 
  • Kathy Manlapas
  • Collaborative Plan Transition Team

Luke Davies also collected advice to share with you from five young adults who are deaf and hard of hearing. Check it out at Peer Advice.


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