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Social-Emotional Support Webinars

Learn strategies directly from students and adults

11/12/2019 3:10:59 PM

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This social-emotional webinar series was created for teachers of students who are deaf/hard of hearing and other school team members to help them understand the experiences of their students.

The webinar series was developed by adults who have lived experiences in the mainstream (general education) setting, adults who grew up as the only student with hearing loss in their learning environment, adults who grew up in small programs for students who are D/HH, and adults who lost hearing later in life. Their shared stories provide the context for the evidence-based strategies. Some individuals used American Sign Language (ASL), some used spoken English, and one also used Cued Speech along with spoken English.

This series of 30 short real-life stories provides strategies for teachers to support social and emotional development, encouraging them to look at the whole child and the unique challenges that students who are deaf/hard of hearing have when social language access is limited. The hope is that this webinar will spark discussions to consider IEP goals and activities that support social-emotional development and self-identity for deaf/hard of hearing students. Metro ECSU and MNCDHH provided funding for the production of this webinar.

There are four videos in total. All videos have closed captions and descriptive transcripts. The videos are:

Teachers who work in a district that is a member of Infinitec can earn teaching professional development clock hours by taking the pre and post quizzes on Infinitec's site.

Social and emotional development can be addressed in your student's and child's IEP. Visit the "Developing a Language and Communication Focused IEP: A Discussion Guide" page for information about writing IEP goals.

Contributors and Credits

Many thanks to the following contributors,

  • Ingrid Aasan, Metro ECSU Director of Special Education
  • Anna Paulson, MNCDHH Coordinator of Educational Advancement & Partnerships
  • Infinitec
  • Script Writers: Jessalyn Akerman-Frank, Emily Kedrowski, Emily Manson, Ann Mayes, Diane Schiffler-Dobe
  • On-Screen Talent: Adults: Jessalyn Akerman-Frank, Emily Kedrowski, Emily Manson, Ann Mayes, Diane Schiffler-Dobe; Young Adults/Teens: Jaemi Hagen, Kobe Schroeder, Hannah Taylor, Ka Lia Yang
  • 2019 Statewide Collaborative Plan’s Deaf Education Summit Stakeholders 

This project is made possible, in part, with a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education using federal funding, CFA 84.027A, Special Education - Grant to States. This project does not necessarily represent the policy of the federal Department of Education or the Minnesota Department of Education. you should not assume endorsement by the federal government or by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Produced by Infinitec, with funding provided by Metro ECSU and the Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing, and shared with MN educators and Infinitec Coalition members with permission. 2019 Copyright Metro ECSU. All rights reserved.


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