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2014-2019 Dashboard

MNCDHH's Five-Year Strategic Plan Wrap Up

9/9/2019 8:42:08 AM

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In 2014, the board members of the Commission of the Deaf, DeafBlind & Hard of Hearing (MNCDHH) created a five-year strategic plan based on the feedback given to them by community stakeholders.

The board members were Brenda Ackerson, John Lee Clark, Nancy Diener, Susan Gensmer, Ade Haugen, Lyle Hoxtell, Michele Isham, Tracy Ivy, Roberta Johnson, Alan Parnes, Emily Smith-Lundberg, Jason Valentine, and John Wodele.

Under board leadership, the staff set out to accomplish the goals under this strategic plan. MNCDHH is pleased to share the results of our work from 2014 to 2019.

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Goal - Education

Goal 1: Improved Educational Outcomes

Children and youth will graduate with skills commensurate with their hearing peers. They will have positive social skills and relationships and they will be ready to enter post-secondary education and/or the workforce.

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Goal - employment

Goal 2: Increased Employment for Adults & Youth

Adults and youth will have increased employment opportunities through increased communication access, supports, and training that result in jobs commensurate with their level of education, skills, and experience.

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Goal - ARHL

Goal 3: Recognition of Age-Related Hearing Loss 

Recognition of age-related hearing loss as a public health issue to support healthy aging by increasing early identification of hearing loss, providing access to needed services and products, thus abating long term costs of caring for elderly citizens.

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Goal - Comm Access

Goal 4: Improved Communication Access 

Increase stakeholder's communication access to local and statewide services and strengthen the existing Regional Advisory Committees.

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Goal - Civic

Goal 5: Promote and Support Civic Engagement 

Develop civic engagement and leadership skills for stakeholders so improving and changing systems are accomplished through legislation and rulemaking.

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Goal - Org

Goal 6: Increase Organizational Capacity 

Expand MNCDHH’s organizational capacity to respond to external and internal stakeholder needs so that MNCDHH can achieve this strategic plan and vision.

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2014-2019 Board Members

The board members listed in the introduction were the board members who developed the strategic plan, which was based on the feedback collected from the community.

Here is the complete list of individuals who served on the board from 2014-2019. We thank them for their leadership and guidance as we followed the strategic plan.

  • Ade Haugen
  • Alan Parnes
  • Brenda Ackerson
  • Christine Morgan
  • Elizabeth Merz
  • Emily Smith-Lundberg
  • Jamie Taylor
  • Jason Valentine
  • John Lee Clark
  • John Wodele
  • Kay Cameron
  • Kathryn Rose
  • Krista Dillman
  • Les Fairbanks
  • Lloyd Ballinger
  • Lyle Hoxtell
  • Maisie Blaine
  • Mark DeRuiter
  • Michele Isham
  • Mohamed Mourssi-Alfash
  • Nancy Diener
  • Peggy Nelson
  • Rebecca Thomas
  • Roseann Kath
  • Roberta Johnson
  • Susan Gensmer
  • Tracy Ivy
  • Tricia Oyaas
  • Valerie Shirley
  • Xavier Arana

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