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Ask MNCDHH: Socialization for Seniors with Age-Related Hearing Loss

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12/19/2018 12:03:19 PM

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Question: I am a senior citizen experiencing hearing loss. One of the issues facing seniors is socialization or loneliness. Hearing loss adds to that issue for seniors who want to continue being active in their communities. Is this being addressed in your group?

Answer: Absolutely! We are focusing specifically on how age-related hearing loss can directly cause barriers for people to communicate with their community, friends, and loved ones. You can learn more about that by visiting our Hearing Loss Matters website and by watching the documentary film by the same name, which MNCDHH co-produced along with TPT Twin Cities PBS. 

Research shows that untreated age-related hearing loss does lead to isolation, depression, and other negative health outcomes. This is serious, and we are working on this.

Recently we provided presentations to local public health staff throughout the state to explain the dangers that you mentioned about age-related hearing loss and isolation. We also created a training program for home care and assisted living care staff to explain how age-related hearing loss works, the negative health outcomes that can come with it, and information for them to share with their patients/clients and their families.

This crucial issue is one of our main strategic goals, and we will continue to advocate for healthy aging as a critical part of our work going forward. If you have any further questions, our age-related hearing loss project lead is Emory David Dively. You can reach him at 651-431-3211 or

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