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Dack + Shawn = Informed Voter

Voting is powerful!

8/27/2018 8:45:20 AM

MNCDHH is hosting voting workshops all around Minnesota! The voting workshops will be led by a crew of fun and dynamic presenters. Learn more at MNCDHH's website!

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English version

[Dack Cube Entertainment logo]

A visual of the Capitol is shown. In the distance, we can see that someone is sitting on the steps.

Closer up, we can see that it is Dack sitting on the steps of the Capitol. He sighs and seems upset.

Shawn is walking up the steps. He looks at Dack and stops.

Shawn, "Hey man, are you OK?"

Dack, (gestures towards the Capitol) "I...  Ugh..."

Shawn (looks at the Capitol and then back at Dack), "Why are you here?"

Dack, "Today is voting day and I'm clueless about politics!"

Shawn, "I see. Come on, I'll help you!"

Shawn walks up the steps and Dack follows. They enter the Capitol Rotunda. Dack looks amazed by the beautiful ceiling. 

Shawn and Dack walk in front of an old flag that is protected by glass. 

Shawn, "Look at that!"

Dack, "I see!"

A visual of the Senate Chamber is shown. 

Then Shawn and Dack are shown in front of a statue.

Shawn, "...long ago, he was the fourth highest..."

Shawn and Dack are shown walking past tall marble columns and a bright red tapestry. 

Shawn, "...different for both." 

Dack, "Oh, I understand!" 

Shawn and Dack are standing in front of a painting.

Shawn, "...Governor for a short time, but people loved him!"

A visual of the tall columns and walls on the third floor. 

Dack and Shawn are shown in front of one of the hearing rooms chatting.

Dack, "...Research both of them and know their issues, I can vote better." 

Shawn, "Correct!"

Visual of Dack thinking. He smiles.

Dack, "I understand now!" 

Dack and Shawn walk out of the Capitol building. Dack is bouncing and boxing into the air.

Dack, "Whoo!  I'm ready to vote!"

Dack shakes hands with Shawn and moves on with confidence. Shawn watches him walk onwards.

Dack does a celebration dance. We see the Capitol steps and lawn ahead of him. 


Voting questions? Contact our Voters Outreach Team today!

Learn more about voting at MNCDHH's website. 

A special thanks to: Dack Virnig, Shawn Vriezen, Amanda Smith, Anne Sittner Anderson, Jessalyn Akerman-Frank, Katy Kelley, KIS, MNCDHH



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