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Meet the Staff

Who we are and what we do

6/22/2018 10:31:21 AM

ASL version

English version with a descriptive transcript

[An overview of downtown St. Paul with cars driving on the roads and both short and tall buildings.]

[People are shown walking in front of the Minnesota State Capitol.]

[Outside of the Golden Rule Building is a connecting skyway and a tall street clock with the words, “The Golden Rule” etched on it.]

[Outside the Golden Rule Building entrance doors.]

[From within the interior of the Golden Rule Building. The electronic door into MNCDHH’s office opens. A man is sitting inside of the waiting room. The camera point of view (POV) enters through the door, goes past the reception desk, and enters through another door. We are then led down the hall past several rows of cubicles and offices until we stop at one office and go through that door. A man is seated at his desk. He smiles and begins to sign.]

“Hello. My name is Emory David Dively, and I am the Deputy Director here at the Commission. My work involves age-related hearing loss, business contracts, coordinating office operations, and supporting our staff. Thank you.”

[The camera POV scrolls over to a woman sitting on the other side of Emory’s desk. She smiles and begins to sign.]

“Hello. My name is Tami Ness. (Director of Finance) I work for the Commission 20% of the time and for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division 80% of the time. I handle the budget and work very closely with the Director and Assistant Director. Nice to meet you!” (Waves goodbye.)

[The camera POV leaves Emory’s office and returns to the hallway and heads towards a cubicle. Inside the cubicle is a woman sitting at her desk. She smiles and begins to sign.]

“Hello. I’m Anne Sittner Anderson. I’m the Communications Coordinator. I’m responsible for website development, social media, newsletters, and video production. Nice to meet you!”

[The camera POV leaves Anne’s cube and heads towards the cubicle next to her. A woman is standing. She smiles and begins to sign.]

“Hello! Welcome! I’m Jessalyn Akerman-Frank. I’m the Civic and Community Engagement Director. My role is to go out into the community, interact with members, and listen to their diverse perspectives and needs. As a result, I have a big project that results in focusing on community expansion and building through leadership development programs, conflict resolution, and transparent communication, and providing support to people and organizations. I do all that to improve the quality of life for all people who are deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing.”

[The camera POV exits Jessalyn’s cube and returns to the hallway and heads over to another row of cubs adjacent to large windows. We enter another cube where a woman is standing. She smiles and begins to sign.]

“Hi! I’m Katy Kelley. I’m the Office Administrative Coordinator. I’m here to support staff and the Executive Director to make sure this office operates well. I help schedule interpreters. I facilitate Collaborative Plan meetings. I make sure this office operates well! Thank you!” (Waves goodbye.)

[The camera POV steps out of Katy’s cube and enters the cube next to her. A woman is seated. She removes her glasses, smiles and begins to sign.]

“Hello! Welcome! I’m Anna Paulson. Nice to meet you! I’m the Coordinator of Educational Advancement & Partnerships. What do I do? I gather people: students, parents, professionals, organizations and agencies statewide. Why? To improve education for deaf, deafblind, and hard-of-hearing children ages 0-21. Come on!”

[Anna steps out of the cube and joins the staff who are standing in the hall in a row. The camera POV follows her and shows the staff. Everyone is smiling. From our left to right are Katy, Tami, Anne, Jessalyn, Emory, and Anna stands next to him. Front and center is a woman we have not met yet. She smiles and begins to sign.]  

“Hi! I’m Mary Hartnett. I’m the Executive Director. My job is to work with the Board of Directors and support their goals. Secondly, work with legislators and get laws passed to support the community. Thirdly, work with this creative team to increase communication access and the rights of deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing people. Thank you for coming here. We really appreciate it!”

[Everyone waves goodbye and returns to their workstation. The camera POV walks forward to leave and fades to black.]

[MNCDHH’s logo is shown. It is the State of Minnesota M in blue with an extra green leg. Next to the “M” are the words, “Commission of Deaf, Deafblind & Hard of Hearing Minnesotans”]


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