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Action Alert for Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Please call or email today!

5/12/2017 3:41:20 PM

ASL version

English version

The state’s Vocational Rehabilitation Services needs additional funding. Voc Rehab assists people with disabilities to find and keep jobs by providing job counseling, job search assistance, training and job placement. If they do not receive more funding, they will have to put people on waiting lists, which will make it even harder for people with disabilities to get help to keep their job or find a job in the first place. The Governor has asked for an additional $7 million for Vocational Rehab Services.

Please call or email the following people to ask them to include the additional $7 million for Voc Rehab Services in the Jobs bill. If you live in the legislator’s district, be sure to mention that.

Sample script for a call

Hello. My name is _____. [If you live in the legislator’s district say that now.]

I am calling about the Jobs bill. Please include the $7 million for Vocational Rehabilitation Services that the Governor requested to eliminate the waiting list. Voc Rehab plays an important role in people with disabilities getting jobs and helping them keep them. It is a good investment of state dollars.

[If you have any personal experience using VR services, you can mention how it helped you here].

Thank you.

You can see an English version of this script in the description below this video.



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