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2018 Legislative Agenda

This year, MNCDHH has introduced one bill, we are supporting another bill, and we are watching two other bills.


We are advocating for changes to the language in MNCDHH’s Statute (MS 256C.28). (HF3290 / SF2777 )

Visit MS 256C.28 Changes Talking Points (Doc)

Changes are needed to make the Commission operate more efficiently, make sure we always have 15 board members, use a name that most people use and add duties we are currently performing.


We will support the Minnesota Council on Disability's (MCD) bill to get funds for ADA accommodations in state bonding bills so state parks and state rest stops can be made accessible. (HF 3549 / SF 2963)

Visit MCD's Accessible State Parks Talking Points (PDF)


We will watch elder abuse legislation and see if we can add pieces that support seniors with age-related hearing loss in assisted care facilities.


We will continue to watch education legislation and rulemaking with the new tiered licensure and the Professional Educators Licensure and Standards Board and try to protect education for children who are deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing.

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