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Age-Related Hearing Loss

Older man and young boy discussing a wrench

MNCDHH's work on age-related hearing loss began with a task force of agencies and organizations that address aging and hearing loss. The task force was responsible for creating an action plan with timelines, measurable goals, and assigned responsibilities that will create a framework the state can use to support healthy aging for seniors with hearing loss in Minnesota.

People with age-related hearing loss, caregivers and policymakers can learn all about age-related hearing loss with the following resources:

MNCDHH's Strategic Plan on Age-Related Hearing Loss Goals and Indicators: Recognition of age-related hearing loss as a public health issue

Key indicators:

  • Task force We will create a task force to address aging and hearing loss to build allies and support of this issue throughout Minnesota
  • Listening devices We will ensure that listening devices such as hearing aids are affordable and that those with hearing loss know how to find and use listening devices
  • Public awareness We will develop a communication plan that increases public awareness of hearing loss and healthy aging

What are the issues?

With a rapidly growing population of older Minnesotans, age-related hearing loss has become a public health issue. We must support healthy aging by increasing early identification of hearing loss and by providing access to needed services and products.

Latest age-related hearing loss updates

Ask MNCDHH: Addressing Barriers Experienced in an Over 55 Building
You ask, we answer. How can those living in an over 55 building become more accepting of hearing and vision loss? Some living therein have such losses but not all. Amplification (microphone) is available for gatherings but some have a reluctance and even refusal to use the mic. Money is available for proper lighting. Some are reluctant and even want to refuse to spend the money.

First-of-its Kind Pilot Program Aims to Increase Awareness of Hearing Loss Among Older Minnesotans 
Goals of Partnership between state commission and University of Minnesota include detection, education and advocacy

In the News: UMN, state pair up for hearing loss education 
Minnesota Daily 

In the News: Minnesota home care workers will get training on detecting hearing loss among seniors 
Star Tribune

In the News: Makato area picked for pilot program to increase awareness of hearing loss
KTOE AM 1420 102.7 FM

Ask MNCDHH: Tell Me about Hearing Aids (Part 3) 
I'm losing my hearing as an older adult and I think I need hearing aids. What do I do?

Ask MNCDHH: Tell Me about Hearing Aids (Part 2) 
Hearing aids for adults and insurance coverage

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017 is Now Law 
President signed legislation on August 18, 2017. FDA has 3 years to decide safety regulations and collect public comments before allowing them on the market. 

How to Talk to Your Legislator & Testifying During Lobby Day
By Kathleen Marin, HLAA-TC

Commission Documentary is Nominated for 2016 Upper Midwest Emmy
Hearing Loss Matters explores age-related hearing loss

Hearing Loss Matters Wins 2 Northern Lights Awards
Documentary film and accompanying website on age-related hearing loss is recognized by the Minnesota Association of Government Communicators (MAGC).

Hearing Loss Matters Premiere
The Commission announces a new documentary on age-related hearing loss and provides a vlog explaining the target audience.

In the News: 7 things to know about hearing loss and hearing aids
On air radio interview with host Tom Weber

Age-Related Hearing Loss Events
Author Katherine Bouton is in town for events related to her new book, "Living Better with Hearing Loss." 

Age-Related Hearing Loss
The Commission launched its first Age-Related Hearing Loss and Healthy Aging Task Force. Studies show a strong association between hearing loss, cognitive decline, health care utilization, hospitalization, and falling among seniors. Yet there is no systematic approach to addressing this public health issue. The Task Force will meet every month through May to create an action plan and framework the state can use to support healthy aging for seniors with hearing loss in Minnesota and serve as a model for the rest of the country. 

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