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Age-Related Hearing Loss

Older man and young boy discussing a wrench

With a rapidly growing population of older Minnesotans, age-related hearing loss has become a public health issue. We must support healthy aging by increasing early identification of hearing loss and by providing access to needed services and products.

The Commission's work on age-related hearing loss began with a task force of agencies and organizations that address aging and hearing loss. The task force was responsible for creating an action plan with timelines, measurable goals, and assigned responsibilities that will create a framework the state can use to support healthy aging for seniors with hearing loss in Minnesota.

People with age-related hearing loss, caregivers and policymakers can learn all about age-related hearing loss with the following resources:

The 2014-2019 Strategic Plan Age-Related Hearing Loss Goals and Indicators: Recognition of age-related hearing loss as a public health issue

Key indicators:

  • Task force: Create a task force to address aging and hearing loss to build allies and support of this issue throughout Minnesota
  • Listening devices: Ensure that listening devices such as hearing aids are affordable and that those with hearing loss know how to find and use listening devices
  • Public awareness: Develop a communication plan that increases public awareness of hearing loss and healthy aging
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