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General Information

Statutes are laws which have been enacted by the legislature and approved by the Governor. Only the Legislature and Governor can change the statutes. According to its Web site, the Minnesota Legislature meets each year, functioning on a two-year cycle called a biennium. The first year of the biennium is called the long year and lasts from January to mid-May. The second year is called the short year and typically runs from February through the end of April. Unless otherwise specified in the legislation, a bill becomes effective on July 1st or August 1st of the year during which it was passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor. (July 1st for bills with a fiscal impact, August 1st for policy bills without a fiscal impact). The Board usually publishes information on this Web site about newly enacted legislation that will have an impact on the profession of pharmacy or the manufacture and distribution of drugs. (See below for links to summary documents that are currently available).

Links to Relevant Statutes:

Statutes at least partially administered by the Board of Pharmacy:
  • MN Stats. Chapter 151 contains the Pharmacy Practice Act, Long-Term Care Resident Access to Pharmaceuticals Act, Wholesale Drug Distribution Licensing Act and other provisions. 
  • MN Stats. Chapter 152 is the states controlled substances act.

Statutes that may have an impact on licensees and registrants of the Board (this list may not contain all relevant statutes):
Statutes that apply to the operations of the Board:
Documents Related to Statutes:
Scheduling Orders of the Board:
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