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Continuing Education Requirements for Technicians

Reporting is due by July 31th of every odd year.

Reporting Continuing Education to the Board

Once you have completed the number of CEs required for the two-year cycle, log in to your online account and report that you have completed your required CE hours following the instructions on your CE Audit card. All technicians need to report that they have completed their CE by July 31 of every odd year. If you do not report by that date you will have to show proof of CE before renewing your registration.

Technicians are responsible to report completed CE credits to the Board. The Board does not collect this information from any other source. The Board does not keep records of the CEs that you have taken or completed.
Note: The documents that you submit to the Board must have your name, course listing, number of course hours completed, and the ACPE number must end in the letter "T".

CE Requirements

Pharmacy technicians will need to complete at least 20 hours of approved continuing education (CE) every two years. There are some exceptions. For example, if you are a new registrant your requirement may be different. You can find out how many hours of CE you need to complete by logging into your record with the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy.

  • To check your CE record - 
  • If you are not sure if you have reported your continuing education (CE) for the current cycle, log into your online account on the Board's website.

  • To report your CE information to the Board PRIOR to the current cycle's deadline 
    If you have not reported your CE information to the Board, log in to your account and follow the instructions on your CE Audit card.

  • To report your CE information to the Board AFTER the current cycle's deadline 
    After the deadline, you will need to provide proof of completed CE activity. 
    Login to your online account. Upload copies of the following document(s) for review:  
               - CPE Monitor Transcript from NABP
               - Statement of Credit from Pharmacy Technician Letter
               - Power Pak History from Power Pak
    This information will be accepted by email, fax, or mail (CONTACT US), however, your certificate(s) must include your name, the CE course number, the date you completed the CE, and the number of credits you received for that CE.

  • Continuing education credits can only be applied one time to meet the requirement. CE activities used to complete the requirement for the previous cycle will not be applied to the next cycle.

Approved Continuing Education

Approved continuing education means those continuing pharmacy technician education programs approved by the Board or courses that are made available by an approved provider. These programs may take the form of classes, conferences, correspondence study courses, institutes, lectures, professional meetings, programmed learning courses, journal readings, seminars, study groups, or other program formats commonly accepted by educators as legitimate adult education activities.

Make sure that any program that you complete has been approved for technicians or both technicians and pharmacists. If you complete a program meant only for pharmacists, the credit will not count towards the Board’s requirement. When printing your proof of CE, there should be a letter “T” printed at the end of your CE course number. The “T” stands for technician. See MN Rule 6800.1500.

Helpful Links to CE Courses

There are many different sources of technician CE. Some CE courses are free, some require a fee to be paid. Please make sure that any program that you completed has been approved for technicians alone or for both technicians and pharmacists. If you complete a program meant only for pharmacists the credit will not count towards the Board’s requirement.

The Minnesota Pharmacists Association (MPhA) and Minnesota Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MSHP) co-host an annual CE conference for technicians. You can find out more at their website or

Here are links to other web sites where technician CE is offered:

Note that these are all independent web sites and they do not report any continuing education activity to the MN Board of Pharmacy.

Minnesota Rule 6800.1500 — Continuing Education

Continuing education (CE) for technicians is a planned learning experience beyond initial technician training designed to promote the continued development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable a technician to adequately perform the tasks that a technician is allowed to perform.

See Frequently Asked Questions for More Detailed Information

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