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Rules are laws that are promulgated (i.e. written and adopted) by the Board of Pharmacy. The statutes passed by the Legislature are often more general in nature, establishing a broad framework for regulation. The rules promulgated by the Board are usually much more specific. In essence, rules flesh out the general directions of the Legislature. There is no set schedule that the Board has to follow when promulgating rules; the Board may decide to engage in the rule-making process at any time. Once the Board decides to engage in rule-making, it does have to follow very strict procedures that are specified in Minnesota Statutes and Rules. Those procedures involve giving various notices to the public, receiving and responding to comments, preparing certain documents and providing notifications to the Governor and to the Chairs of relevant Legislative Committees. In certain circumstances, the Board might also have to hold a rule-making hearing before an administrative law judge. One of the documents that the Board must prepare for each rule-making initiative is the Rule-making Docket. See below for links to current dockets.

Links to Relevant Rules

Rules administered by the Board of Pharmacy:
  • MN Rules Chapter 6800 contains the rules promulgated by the Board of Pharmacy, including Schedules of controlled substances.
Rules that may have an impact on licensees and registrants of the Board (this list may not contain all relevant rules): Rules that apply to the operations of the Board:

Rule-Making Docket

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