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Minnesota Medication Repository

A source for free or low cost donated drugs

In 2019, Governor Tim Walz signed a bill passed by the Minnesota Legislature that directed the Board of Pharmacy to establish a medication repository program. The Board selected RoundtableRx to run the program. RoundtableRx is a charitable organization staffed by individuals with pharmacy experience. It is licensed as a drug wholesaler by the Board and partners with local repositories located around the state.

Donors are allowed to donate drugs and medical supplies to RoundtableRx. The donated drugs and medical supplies are inspected to ensure that they are still safe to use. Minnesotans who are having a difficult time affording prescription drugs can receive the donated drugs from the local repositories -- if they meet certain eligibility requirements.

Required forms can be downloaded below. For additional information, visit the RoundtableRx website.

Patient Intake Eligibility Application
Recipient Form for Dispensing
Recipient Form for Dispensing - Multiple Entries
Prescription Drug Repository Program Donation Form
Medication Repository Notice of Participation or Withdrawal
Medication Repository Destruction Record
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