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"I love my career, and I believe it is because of HPSP that I didn't end up having to close the doors to my private practice which took years to build."

"HPSP's random drug screening kept me honest and on track in my early years of sobriety while I was creating a new sober lifestyle by implementing the changes in my life I had learned during treatment."

"I appreciate the professional and helpful staff at HPSP. Overall I had a good experience in the Program and I would definately recommend its services to others who are considering making a self-referral."

"Being accountable for keeping my appointments with my therapist and psychiatrist and completing my self updates helped me understand the value of healthy self-care and gave me greater insight into my illness."


The stigma associated with certain illnesses such as substance abuse and mental health disorders can make health care practitioners hesitant to seek treatment. Confidential monitoring increases the likelihood that practitioners will seek treatment early - before clinical skills are compromised. And monitoring improves treatment compliance and successful outcomes. The Minnesota Health Professionals Services Program (HPSP) is charged with protecting the public by promoting early intervention, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring for health professionals with potentially impairing conditions.  Monitoring services are available to over 200,000 health care professionals regulated or licensed by one of the Health Licensing Boards or the Department of Health.   View a list of eligible professions HPSP serves .

If you are concerned about yourself, a colleague, employee, or family member, call us at (651) 643-2120 to learn more about our services.

To report an a practitioner, open and complete the following pdf  Third Party Referral Form  and fax it to us at (651) 643-2163.

The mission of HPSP is to enhance public safety in health care.

The goals of HPSP are to promote early intervention, diagnosis and treatment for health professionals with illnesses, and to provide monitoring services as an alternative to Board discipline.

Case Management Phone/Email List     Driving Directions to HPSP

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