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General Information

The Board is permitted to issue guidance pursuant to MN Stats. Sec 214.108, which states: A health-related licensing board may offer guidance to current licensees about the application of laws and rules the board is empowered to enforce. This guidance shall not bind any court or other adjudicatory body. As implied by this language, guidance documents do not have the force and effect of statutes and rules. They are meant to provide licensees with information about the Boards interpretation and enforcement of statutes and rules. Most of the Boards guidance documents concern the handling of certain types of variance requests or policy reviews.


Guidance Documents

Automated Drug Distribution System Guidance

Collection of Pharmaceuticals by Pharmacies


Inpatient Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (CPOE) Recommendations

Joint Statement on Operation of Vehicles

Joint Statement on Pain Management


Methadone Pharmacies Guidance


Off-Site, After Regular Hours, Hospital Pharmacy Services


Pharmacy Technician Training Guidance


Pharmacy Technician Continuing Education Guidance - Frequently Asked Questions




Urgent and Emergency Veterinary Compounding Guidance
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