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Preceptor Registration & Renewal

Please refer to the Board of Pharmacy rules regarding preceptor requirements for registration at:

Minnesota Administrative Rule 6800.5350 Preceptors 

Minnesota Administrative Rule 6800.5400 Training  


How to Register as a new Preceptor

Download a Printable form to Register as a New Preceptor

Register online as a New Preceptor

BD Approved Programs to meet Preceptor CE Requirements

The Board has now approved the following CE program as acceptable for meeting the preceptor CE requirement. These programs are available on-line.    

The Pharmacist Preceptor Education Program 

The Pharmacist's Letter Preceptor Training and Resource Network (subscription required) 

The Collaborative Education Institute

Drug Store News

The Board will, from time-to-time, add new programs that will meet the preceptor CE requirement. Pharmacist preceptors may also submit requests to have programs approved as acceptable for meeting the preceptor CE requirement.  The programs should focus on educating and training students, pharmacy law or patient safety.  Please include the program title, information about the CE provider, program description, Web site links, etc. The requests and required information should be submitted to the Board's main e-mail address: 

In order to renew your registration as a preceptor, you will need to provide proof of having completed an acceptable CE program.  For programs offered by ACPE-approved providers, you will probably need to log-in to the CPE Monitor Web site and obtain a copy of your certificate of completion.  For providers not approved by ACPE, you will need to obtain documentation from the provider that certifies your completion of the CE. 


Download a printable form to Renew your Registation as a Preceptor

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