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Pharmacist Renewal

Online Renewals for Pharmacists will open Mid-December 2021.

Pay online

We are no longer mailing out notifications for renewal. Make sure that your email that is on file with the Board of Pharmacy is your most current email address. Renewals are due by February 1st of each year.

Pharmacist License Status

Pharmacists have several license status options. Below is a brief description of each status type. To change your license status, log into your account, click on “Renewal in Progress,” and follow the prompts to choose from one of the status options.

Pharmacist License Status Descriptions
Active - This status is for Practicing pharmacists. All fees and continuing education are required to maintain this status.

Inactive - This status means that you are temporarily giving up your authority to practice pharmacy in Minnesota. See MN Statutes 151.095.
  • Renewal fees will continue to be due.
  • Continuing education participation will not be required while inactive.
  • This status is good for up to 5 years. After five years, you will have to meet current requirements and retake the exams to be reinstated.

Emeritus - A pharmacist who is completely retired from active pharmacy practice may apply to the Board for an Emeritus license; providing the pharmacist has not been disciplined by the Board. An Emeritus license is not a license to practice but is a formal recognition of completion of that individual's pharmacy career in good standing. See MN Rules 6800.1210.
  • Renewal fees are no longer assessed.
  • The continuing education participation will not be required.
  • Currently required to renew each year.

Voluntary Termination (Will Not Renew) - You no longer intend to maintain your registration in Minnesota and, hereby, voluntarily terminate it.
  • Renewal fees are no longer assessed.
  • Continuing education participation will not be required.
  • Your authority to work as a pharmacist ends.
  • You may be reinstated within two years without examination, upon payment of the arrears and upon compliance with the provisions of MN Statutes 151.13, subdivision 2.

Continuing Education

For continuing education information and requirements, click here.
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