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3PL - Third Party Logistics

Licensing for Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs)

Effective July 1, 2019 all 3PLs that ship or transport drugs into or within Minnesota must be licensed by the Board. Until the Board can make changes to its licensing database and applications, 3PLs will receive a license number that starts with the number “3” – like wholesalers do. The following information will help guide you through this transition process.

The issuance of new licenses will be conducted in two primary phases.
  • The first phase will focus on the processing of applications for 3PLs that have not yet been licensed by the board.
  • The second phase, 3PLs currently licensed as Wholesalers will be asked to convert their licenses sometime after the first of the year – but before wholesaler renewals are due. Please note that Minnesota statutes require an authorized representative of Wholesalers and 3PLs to have a criminal background check. However, the Board will exercise enforcement discretion and will issue licenses to wholesalers and 3PLs, without the completion of criminal background checks, until it can work with the Minnesota Health Licensing Boards Criminal Background Check Program to develop policies and procedures.

New 3PLs That Are Not Currently Licensed as a Wholesaler by the Board

3PLs that are not currently licensed by the Board as wholesalers will have until January 15, 2020 to be licensed by the Board. After that date, 3PLs not licensed by the Board will no longer be able to do business in Minnesota.

Application Process

Complete the Application for Third-Party Logistics Providers in its entirety and mail all requested documents together with payment.
  • Applicants will be notified of missing items from the application within 4 to 6 weeks of receiving the application packet.
  • Required documents must be submitted with each application, duplicate documents sent in with similar applications will not be retrieved for the completion of this application.
  • Applications are considered withdrawn if missing items are not submitted to complete an application within one year of the original application submission date.
  • The application will be cancelled and a new application packet, including applicable fee(s) must be submitted if a change in owner or location occurs while the application is under review by the Board.
  • Allow a minimum of 90 days from the time your application packet is complete (all missing items received) for review and final license issuance.

Application Forms

License Checklist & Application
Facility Manager or Designated Representative Affidavit Form
If applicant facility is owned by a Partnership or Sole Proprietor then complete this form.
If applicant facility is a Corporation/LLC then complete this form.

Existing 3PLs

As stated above, 3PLs currently licensed as wholesalers will be asked to convert their licenses sometime after the first of the year. No other action will be necessary at this time. Please check our website for additional updates as we prepare to license you as a 3PL. If you have not identified yourself as a 3PL to the Board, please do so by sending an email notification to:

Renewal Dates

Renewal payments will be due by October 1 of each year. Licenses expire at midnight on October 31. If the license is not renewed by October 31, a 50% late fee will be assessed and the 3PL will no longer be allowed to operate in Minnesota.

Notice Concerning 3PL Licensure

Click here for frequently asked information regarding licensure as a third party logistics provider.
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