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Technician Training Requirements

Technician training is a combination of theoretical instruction and practical application training to ensure standardized practice throughout the state of Minnesota. Technicians have 12 months from their original date of registration/reinstatement to complete their training program (not from the date of employment).

Technician Training Recognized by the Board

  • A pharmacy technician training program offered by a Board-approved, accredited vocational/technical institution or college that includes an externship
  • ASHP accredited Technician training program
  • A pharmacy technician training program provided by a branch of the United States Armed Forces or Public Health Service
  • An employer-based program that includes a minimum of 240 hours in a one-year period that includes theoretical and practical instruction

Accrediting agencies recognized by the US Department of Education can be found on the US Department of Education’s website. If an institution or college is not accredited by one of the agencies listed on this website, it will not be approved by the Board.

The Following Items Do Not Meet the Board’s Technician Training Requirements
  • Continuing Education (CEs)
  • Solely on-the-job training on how to be a technician
  • Solely theoretical/didactic training

Documents Accepted as Proof of Training

  • Certificate of completion from an accredited institution/college
  • Signed certificate of completion from your employer
  • Signed transcript/training log
See below for additional information and frequently asked questions:
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