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Fee Increases Effective July 1, 2019

Legislation enacted during the 2019 Regular and Special Sessions contained many provisions that will have an impact on the Board’s licensees and registrants. The increase affects all licensees of the Board of Pharmacy. We have an updated Fee Chart on the License and Registration home page that summarizes all fee increases with the exception of the opioid product registration fees. In addition, the application and renewal registration fees for most drug manufacturers, medical gas manufacturers, drug wholesalers, and medical gas wholesalers, and medical gas distributors will increase to at least $5,260 effective July 1, 2019. The Board believes that the Legislature may reconsider the increase in fees for medical gas manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors during the 2020 Session.
  • All drug and medical gas wholesalers: $5,260
  • Drug manufacturers (except for opioid manufacturers) and medical gas manufacturers: $5,260
  • Medical gas distributors: $5,260
  • Opioid drug manufacturers: $55,260 (Reduced to $5,260 if the sunset provision kicks in).
  • Opioid manufacturers with sales within Minnesota of over 2,000,000 units per year will also have to pay an annual opiate product registration fee of $250,000.

New/Change Application

Application for Registration as a Drug Manufacturer

Use this form for ownership changes, relocation, and new facilities.

Note: All out-of-state manufacturers, you must attach a copy of your last inspection report and a copy of your current license from the state in which the facility is located.


Renewal forms are mailed to the facility mailing address that the Board of Pharmacy has on record. Renewals are due May 1 of each year.


General Information

Laws and Rules Regarding Manufacturers:
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